Becky Flower - fashion/beauty shoot

Pixel 8 Studios in Leeds held a portrait day recently during which they offered people the chance to have a free photo session. I was lucky enough to be able to take some fashion and beauty shots of one of the models on the day thanks to fellow photographer Dauson Bermtay.

Becky Flower is a 21-year-old model from Wakefield. Looking to expand her portfolio, she came down to Pixel 8 Studios' portrait day. Becky was not only great at listening to directions, she is skilled in striking poses that give a shot real impact. Due to her distinctive look and vibrant hair, a low key lighting set-up was perfect for the shoot. For more information on Becky, take a look at her Facebook modelling page. Read more »

Shots with style - fashion shoot for HIMISSHE brand

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to work with Dauson Bermtay when I photographed at one of his shoots. An extremely talented photographer, creative director and make-up artist, Dauson has recently ventured into clothing design due to his love of all things fashion. Born in the Philippines, Dauson is now living in Leeds and producing some exceptional fashion shots.

Creativity is key when working in fashion and Dauson has bucket-loads which shows in all of his innovative projects and the clothing range he has been working on. The 26-year-old is a man of many talents as he is also also a qualified nurse and has worked as an interior designer and artist in the past.

There were three styles of clothing to photograph on the day, each requiring a different set, lighting, make-up and styling. It was a fantastic experience photographing at the fashion shoot for Dauson's new brand HIMISSHE and I'm eager to see the fashion creations he produces in the future. You will find a selection of the shots I took below... Read more »