Live performance, portraits, fashion, events, sports and
landscapes are among the areas I have photographed for
print and online publications. I'm always keen to
experiment with images and take them to the next level,
whether I'm capturing the high-octane action of a gig,
the atmosphere of a seascape or a portrait that will be
treasured for years to come. Writing for photographic,
design and technology magazines developed my love for
photography and allowed me to push the creative
boundaries even further. Now I am putting this into
practice and enjoying snapping some stunning live shows
for Total Production International magazine.

A selection of my favourite shots can be found in the
galleries below. To see my full collection of photos, visit
my Flickr page.

To see some of the recent photographic and journalistic
projects I have worked on, click here to visit
my blog which is updated regularly with new work.