Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank runs low on supplies

Volunteers from a Bradford charitable organisation are appealing for help as donations are drying up. According to founder Lashman Singh, Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank only has enough supplies to last for two or three weeks after I met up with him in St Mary's Church Hall, the premises the food bank is run from once a fortnight. Lashman set up the food bank in 2005 to cater for those that could not come out to receive cooked meals.

"Unlike some charities, we have no contact with the client whatsoever and I think that privacy should be upheld by the professional people involved," Lashman said.

However, as the charity has become better known it has received a greater demand. More people have also fallen on hard times recently.

"The shelves are getting empty now which is why we are appealing to people to get involved. Anyone can be a part of it and we need people from the local community to come forward if they can spare a few tins of food or would like to hold a street collection," Lashman explained.

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Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank runs low on supplies